​Let support our Tenderfoot Movie Makers; CEO of Ghanafilmsnews.com Tells Filmmakers

I have done some delving about movie makers in Ghana, which I think it’s killing the movie industry slowly and pushing away our young and aspiring movie makers in our country.
I believe everyone in our movie industry wants the best in terms of movie making but in strife for getting the best, let us not forget to support our tenderfoot movie makers by giving them the chance to become the main characters in our great movies, giving chance to uprising script writers, producers, directors etc. 

It might be a great risk to our productions and brand but looking at the few uprising movie makers in the industry, I believe if we give them a chance to showcase or prove to us what they can do, they will be performing well and better. 

I was inspired by these 3 young, skilled and intelligent men who shared their experience with me when shooting their first ever movie in Ghana, which caught the eyes of most Ghanaian filmmakers and film lovers in and outside the country.
These young men, had similar challenges. Each of them had similar situations but studying their experiences, they had their unique stories, abilities and skills in striving for what they want.

The first among the 3 movie makers who made it to the top for the first time in his first ever movie project is Peter Orgnah Sadufia.

Such an amazing, humble young man who is always ready to listen to everyone at anytime even on WhatsApp. 

My first time talking to this young Creative writer and director was on March 2017 by then, I was using www.ghanafilmnews.WordPress.com,which we talked about his first movie “Keteke”.

He told me about all his Challenges he went through as a first timer doing such great work. I was impressed by his efforts and congratulated him for that. While talking to me, he mentioned some great Actors who believed in him and supported him with their great talent, skills and Time.

I was eager to know these actors because, it was unusual to see Great Actors risking to work with a first timer director. As Peter mentioned Adjetey Anang and Lydia Forson, I was impressed and I applauded them in heart for their humbleness in making a dream come to pass. 


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I believe if all our ” Big Stars” will be humble and willing to give a chance to our new and uprising directors and producers as Adjetey and Lydia did, our film industry will be better.
Due to their deeds, now Peter Orgnah  Sadufia is now an award-winning Writer and director writing his name in the hearts of every film lover in Ghana. He is now one of Ghana’s creative directors who had directed few but quality movies in the history of Ghana, talking about “Keteke and SIDECHIC gang” for all I know. 

Peter Sedufia, I will encourage you to keep doing the great works and also help the young once to the top.

The second amazing person whom I spoke to was Daakyehene Ababio.

This young man is such an Amazing, humble, intelligent and creative man, who I met also on March 2017, as he was promoting his first ever commercial movie “From Somewhere With Love*Talking to this young man, I realized he had a lot of great talent and ideas in him to give to our film industry. This young man revealed to me what he passed through before attainting such nice movie. 

Talking about financing, locations,turndowns and rejections of his ideas by some movie makers and “well to do people” he taught would help him.

Passing through all these experiences, this young man master courage and chase his dream. Talking about the success of this young man, I would say if he was given the chance by these people, he would have made a national record from his efforts. He won countless awards all over west Africa for his Movies and I believe in his next movie which is “Paper

” will be one of the greatest movie to hit our screens.

Daakyehene Ababio and the palmsbooker, I will encourage you all to be strong and keep making Ghana proud with your talents and creativity. You are the Future industry Players.

Now to the third amazing young director, producer and writer Kofi Kyei Saber of “Beautiful Mind”.

I spoke to this young Ghanaian talent, who had never been to any film school but was able to direct, produced and create characters for Great Actors like Adjetey Anang to part take. The vision and talent of this young man is still a wonder to me.

Talking to him two days today, on how he brought such masterpiece out, he told me

 “ If you want something in life, go and get it. And never give up no matter what; with emphasis on NO MATTER WHAT!

I took my film to a big production house to be produced by them. They told me it wasn’t good enough. I could have stopped there because they’ve been in the industry for long, they know high movies will sell and which ones will flop, and they didn’t have faith in this one. 

But I stood my ground, went ahead and came out with a masterpiece, and look at it now. Don’t hope for a miracle, make one.”  I also asked him about working with such great Actor on his first movie he EVERYTHING”Well, I’m hopeful it will. When I first contacted Adjetey Anang for the lead role, he was a bit skeptical and hesitant. I had no previous works, I never went to film school, I had no credibility or him to confirm from and the biggest one of all, I am from Kumasi. And almost everyone has a perception about Kumasi filmmakers and their films because of an unnecessary benchmark some people have set up. 

So from there, to shooting with 3 A class stars and getting the best out of the limited resources I had, because no one wanted to finance the work of someone they don’t know… someone without a name for himself. 

We were denied some locations because we weren’t known… A lot. That’s why I classified the challenges as EVERYTHING”

he concluded.

With this self encouragement, I realized nothing could stop him. And how Adjetey believed in him and came on board, I was happy within for our great actor believing in him and that gave the young man a kind of hope and also challenged him to bring out his best. 

At that time, I realized our film industry has a future but my worry was why can’t the leaders in the film industry have faith and support our uprising movie makers just like Adjetey Anang, Lydia Forson and Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante  with few others are doing. All these young filmmakers needs our support and little believe.

With the few young filmmakers I have met, I believe we can go far with them and support the rest coming up. I know there are several young filmmakers in and outside Ghana doing great works there whom I have not even met. 

To our senior film and industry players, let try to take that risk in supporting them.

I believe we all want the best for our dear film industry.

God bless our Homeland Ghana and make our Nation and Film Industry great and Strong.

By Kweku A. Asamoah

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3 thoughts on “​Let support our Tenderfoot Movie Makers; CEO of Ghanafilmsnews.com Tells Filmmakers

  1. Ameena Ahmed

    Kofi Kyei is a gift from above. Wishing him eternal prosperity

  2. Carter rauf

    Kofi kyei is not just a script writer huh! He’ s just something else ”different” and I believed him when he said he will make a piece that will be new and different the Ghanaian film industry! Dude! write,direct and act whats in your in beautiful mind afterall you’re different!

  3. Ali Bryte Fosu

    I know Kofi Kyei personaly and I’m just short of words to describe his courage and determination. I thought he was joking when he first mentioned film making. I salute you Kofi Kyei…. Keep on with the EFFORTS. Inn shaa Allah you will be successful. NO MATTER WHAT.

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